The UAE is an exotic destination deep rooted in tradition and culture but vibrant with innovation and technology. It’s the perfect amalgamation of traditional ethos with modern values as with family pleasure and business prospects.

It boasts of a dynamic landscape across the 7 emirates, each distinct by its own unique style and skyline. A destination often put on one’s bucket list it is best covered when traveled by road.

And here are 5 great reasons why one should rent a car to discover this beautiful land.


  1. Travel

Whenever you are traveling especially by flight to another city or country it is practical to use a rental car. Be it a business or leisure trip renting gives you the freedom to move around freely especially when the place of visit does not have a great public transport system. Having your own transport also affords you the freedom of making your own schedule and making last minute changes if needed.

UAE is a the city of wonders and when tons of tourist attractions spread over the 7 emirates it is best advisable to rent a car and travel at your own pace to your select destinations. As a tourist you might want to shuttle between the cultural attractions of Sharjah, the vibrancy of Abu Dhabi and skyscraper landscape of Dubai.


  1. Occasions

Special occasions call for something special. Hiring a limo service for your parent’s anniversary makes a special and memorable gift that they would cherish. Nothing says classy better than a sleek sedan at your school reunion. A birthday celebration can be converted into a fun and adventurous outdoor outing with a strong SUV that you would not want to risk with your own car.

A dreamy drive for your parents in a swanky Mercedes Limo from the Burj Al Arab all the way to Palm Jumeirah and back could be the ideal romantic anniversary gift you could offer them. The limo drive for 5 hours could be secured for as little as AED 450


  1. Business

When entertaining business guests, a smooth elegant rental will do the trick right from the airport pick up, taking them around town, visiting downtown or traveling together for a business meeting. A great car is a great way to create a positive brand image for you and your company. And it also shows that you care about the person to put in an effort to make the trip special.

A BMW 5 series or an Audi A6 can cost your company as little as AED 700/ day with rates possible on taking a weekly contract. The impact and the image of your company is enhanced with the paltry sum.


  1. Long Distance

While one always considers the fuel economy and saving when taking a long distance trip there is a lot more at stake. A poorly serviced car may face plenty of issues and cause inconvenience with breakdowns and there is also the small matter of safety. Other factors to be considered are the wear and tear the vehicle goes through during such journeys. Mileage garnered on the vehicle also depreciates its resale value.

For executives who do not have frequent travel between emirates could benefit immensely by renting a car for such journeys. For a drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi one could easily rent a sedan for AED 80/ day

  1. Large Group

Be it a department picnic, a family reunion or going out on the weekend with friends its always more fun if all are together for the journey and not just at the destination. Apart from the cars, companies also rent out vans, mini buses and other bigger vehicles that can accommodate your entire group in a single vehicle.

A company or family trip to Jebel Hafeet in a bus is at least an hours’ worth of music and singing. The typical cost of a 30-seater bus would be around AED 900/ day which when spread among the number of people proves to be extremely economical.


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